ULC Simplified

Underwriters Laboratory Of Canada (U.L.C.) sets and monitors quality and performance standards by which products and services are rated. This ensures a minimum level of performance to consumers.

U.L.C. Listed Equipment

This simply means that the equipment is approved by U.L.C.. The equipment itself meets U.L.C.'s quality standards. 

U.L.C. Listed Monitoring Station

This means that the monitoring station has met the standards as set out by U.L.C. and does so each year during an annual certification inspection. The monitoring station has met U.L.C.'s quality standards.

U.L.C. Certified System

This means you have had U.L.C. listed equipment, installed according to U.L.C. specifications (significantly different than non U.L.C. installs), and monitored in a U.L.C. listed station, according to a specific U.L.C procedure. Commercial installs must utilize a dedicated circuit, while residential U.L.C. installs only require a digital dialer. The system must be inspected each year to maintain it's U.L.C. standing. A certificate is issued each year after successful inspection, and must be turned in to the client's insurance company.

Often times there is confusion about what is required. People hear the term U.L.C. and don't know if it means they should:

  • have U.L.C. equipment
  • have their system monitored in a U.L.C. listed station
  • have a U.L.C. certified system

Not many installs require a U.L.C. certified system. However, more and more' insurance companies are insisting on systems that utilize U.L.C. tested equipment being monitored in a U.L.C. listed station. The amount of money required for the different scenarios can be significant. Question the guidelines, and if you require a resource, don't hesitate to contact a U.L.C. listed station. They will definitely have staff who can answer your questions.


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