People or Property?

You must decide what exactly it is that you want your system to protect. Some wish to have a system to protect their material possessions only. Others want a security system designed to protect themselves and family while they are home.

The purpose of your system dictates the number and type of sensors used. The higher the level of security desired, the greater the number of protection points and devices required. The more hardware you add, the greater the financial investment will be.

Perimeter Protection

If your main priority is to protect people first, then you should consider a perimeter protection system. This means that all points of entry will be protected with sensors. Every door, window, sky light, heat vent(large enough for a body to climb through), and opening in general will have a sensor. These sensors are all along the perimeter of your premise. It is like having an imaginary line drawn completely around you. You arm your system while you are home or away. The moment anyone breaks the perimeter of your home the alarm will sound. This system detects the intruder while they are on the outside of the premise. It gives you the peace of mind in knowing that you will not bump into anyone in your home. The alarm will sound before they even enter.

Area Protection

This provides protection to specific areas within a facility. It consists mostly of motion sensors, although photoelectric detectors are also in this category. Area protection means that if anyone walks into this area, the alarm will detect them. It is primarily to protect property. The system is designed to be armed when you are away. You cannot arm a motion detector and wander freely about in the premise. 

Object Protection

Object protection is for items that are considered likely targets for burglars. These include items such as safes, gun cabinets, computers, and filing cabinets. Although object protection can be used in isolation, such as in a bank vault, it is typicafly used in combination with perimeter and or area protection. It can also be used as a local alarm not reporting to the monitoring station to keep young children out of medicine cabinets, gun cabinets, or cleaning supply cabinets. In this case, these cabinets are always armed and the local siren reports when any one of these objects has been opened.

A Quick Guideline


  • full perimeter system
  • fire protection


  • area protection at various locations within premise
  • fire protection


  • door contacts and area motion detectors
  • this allows you to arm the two doors while you are at the premise giving you at least a minimum level of people protection
  • fire protection


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