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Changing the battery on your True Steel Security Devices

Please be reminded that whenever you are changing a battery on any of your security devices, especially the wireless devices, you should call the monitoring station at 705-673-8181 or 1-800-465-4166 and advise them to put your system on disregard.  This will eliminate the risk of a false alarm resulting in the fire department or police being dispatched to you your home or business.

When you are finished with changing your batteries, it is your responsibility to test the device that you changed the battery in. Please always run a test signal to the monitoring station.  Call the monitoring station to ensure they received the test signal, advise them that you are all done testing, and they can take your system off disregard.

Please remember that after you run your test, you should always clear the memory of the testing from your panel.  If you need instructions on how to clear the memory, please refer to the “Manuals” section of our website under the Support tab for your panel type. Click on the manual, and the glossary should direct you to the appropriate page to “clear the alarm memory”.

*Please remember that all batteries, no matter the size should be recycled. You may either bring them back to us, and we will dispose of them responsibly, or any of the big block hardware stores (Rona, Home Depot, Canadian Tire) now have recycling programs for all sizes of batteries.

Note: If there is any build up on the sensor terminal for the battery, you should scrape it clean.  These terminals should be shiny clean for there to be a proper terminal connection.

Small Screwdriver Changing batteries and cleaning terminals may require two very small screwdrivers, or one that has both a flat head and a star on it.   For the wireless panic buttons you may need an even smaller screwdriver, like those used for eyeglasses.


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