Card Access

Card Access systems are fast becoming the norm for security minded companies. By issuing their employees a special "card" or "key fob" management can control who has access to what areas and even at what time. Full reporting is available. In many places significant cost savings are also realized by being able to de-program a single card rather than re-key the locks and provide new keys to all employees.

Cards may look like this:

Readers can require contact or be "proximity" or have an integrated keypad for greater security.



Proximity Reader with Integrated Keypad

The new IoProx P555KP Proximity Reader with Integrated Keypad is the latest addition to the IoProx Proximity Reader Series.

Its attractive, compact and weatherized design makes it suitable for installation in various indoor and outdoor environments.

The IoProx reader electronics are vandal and weather resistant, and are encapsulated in epoxy. The reader also has an integrated piezo buzzer and bicolor LED indicating system/reader status.

Even vehicle sensors are available.

The ShadowProx VID system provides automatic identification of cars, trucks, buses, fork lifts or other vehicles approaching a gate or controlled roadway. Upon reading the vehicle’s tag, the system will either activate the gate or overhead door mechanism or deny access depending on the vehicle’s access level. The system provides managers with new abilities for recording and tracking the flow of vehicles, crates, containers, etc.. in and out of access areas


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