Cameras & DVR's

True Steel Security is your authorized dealer for GE and Samsung camera’s and DVR’s. Cameras in the work place can provide an accurate record of what actually happened. Most retail stores use them for theft prevention. Many commercial establishments use cameras at security gates etc. to allow the "eyes" of their staff to be in multiple places at once.

The payback on the cost of the cameras is usually much less than a year.  Manufacturing companies use cameras as well. By recording exactly what happens they are able to evaluate the process, refine it and become more efficient and cost effective. Cameras are great in combination with alarm systems. Now with Video Monitoring, when the alarm goes off an actual picture is transmitted to the monitoring station.

People are even installing cameras in their homes and are able to check up on their premise and their loved ones at anytime over the internet! Rather than use a VCR or a Time Lapse Recorder, we now supply Digital Video Recorders. (DVR) The benefits are great, the ease of use is fabulous and the record of the events that you get is unmatched. Check them out!


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