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There is no doubt that the most valuable resource of True Steel Security in the people that work here. Most of them have been employees for many years and it is their experience, know how and attention to customer service that separates True Steel from its competitors. Quality and service is what True Steel is about, and it is these great people that deliver it!


True Steel Security, part of the Northern Communications group of companies, is locally owned and operated in Northern Ontario. The hands on management approach has served the company well as it has been Northern Ontarios leading security company for over 25 years and shows no signs of slowing down!  John and Mike are here every day to help service our customers.

John Whitehead, Principal

Mike Shantz, Principal

Kevin Buckland, Manager / Client Satisfaction



Security systems are not a commodity!!  A good security system needs to be designed specifically for the environment and the people that it is protecting. True Steel salespeople bring years of experience to the task of making people feel safer and can explain the pros and cons of different types of panels, sensors, cameras etc.   All with the goal of customizing a security system that meets your needs and your budget.

Sudbury Sales 

North Bay Sales

 Rolly St. Jean  Glen Anderson
 Maurice Barbeau  Rick Legault
 Derek Forsyth  
 Derek Forsyth  


Our goal is to install quality security solutions for our customers that work day in day out.  But if a problem occurs, that means one of our clients is unprotected. We know that situation must be rectified as soon as possible.  It starts with using quality equipment from great manufacturers like GE, Samsung and others.  It continues with having skilled technicians available to install, test and provide ongoing support to our clients on a timely basis.  It ends with True Steel customers being the best serviced of any in Northern Ontario!  The experience, know how and caring attitude of our technicians really does make the difference!   

Sudbury Service

North Bay Service

Tom Bennett , Service Mgr sudbury Bill Blumson , Service Manager North Bay
Denis Savoie Kevin Dagenais Service Manager North Bay
Henry Wong David Sartori, Service Technician
 Brian Martin Kevin Bennett
 Bruce Frauts
 Bruce Frauts   Steve Szydlik




True Steel recommends that all clients test their systems monthly. We are not naïve enough to believe that it actually happens. That is why we offer an annual inspection program. Our professional alarm inspectors visit our clients once a year to test all components to ensure that they are still functional. We review the system user and keyholder lists to ensure that we have up to date information on file, ensure that your signage is still in good condition and proactively make clients aware of possible issues due to aging equipment. Annual inspections help to ensure that our clients systems will do what they are intended to when our clients need them most.

Ryley Cowx  Henry Drenth


Toll Free: 800.667.5919 • Sudbury: 705.674.0116 • info@truesteel.com
Timmins: 705.268.0053 • North Bay: 705.476.7612 • Little Current: 705.370.3150
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